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Snow show in Borovetz and Sofia
Client: British American Tobacco Bulgaria

Campaign: Acrobatic show LUCKY FLY HIGH with ski, monoski and snowboard

Time scale: February-March 2000

The most decorated team in the world Lucky Fly High, comprising of world and Olympic champions, was invited by B.A.T. Bulgaria to perform two acrobatic shows on March 4-5, 2000. They captured the interest of tens of thousands fans from the general public, skiers and snowboarders. The show was a major event for Borovetz winter resort. On March 4 there was not a single free room in the most popular Bulgarian ski resort. On the next day the same show was repeated in front of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. The interest was again incredible. Weekpress Agency was assigned to handle the media and public relations with major tasks including organizing briefing, press conference, media trip. more >>>

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