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Fourth Roundtable with the Bulgarian Government

Client: The Economist Group

Campaign: Full PR support to the Fourth Roundtable with the Government of Bulgaria

Timescale: March 18 - 19, 2003

The Fourth Business Roundtable with the Government of Bulgaria organized by Economist Group /March 18-19 2003/ and supported by Weekpress took place in a very difficult situation because of the beginning of the Iraqi war.

Nevertheless the conference was judged on its merits. During the week of the conference /March 17-23/ no other event, except the war, was covered with so numerous and profound materials.

The event was highly estimated by the media. All of them stressed on the necessity of investments in the country and the role of Economist Group, who organized a top-level conference with the participation of representatives and investors from all over the world together with the major figures of the Government.

Three press-releases /two preliminary and one on March 19th/ and one press-information /on March 17th assisted by the Government press office/ were prepared and distributed among the media. Their main purpose was to give the media representatives some basic information about the event. One week prior to the conference the daily paper “Dnevnik” published an interview with Nenad Pacek, General Director, Economist Conferences. In the day prior to the event the most popular Bulgarian morning broadcast on bTV took a thorough interview from Delia Meth-Cohn, Chairperson of the conference.

Over 50 journalists from over 50 media were accredited for the event, including all the major daily papers, all the economic-political weeklies, 10 TV stations among which the major ones – BNT and bTV, 7 radio stations /including the most popular radio program Horizont on the BNR, and the two commentary radios Darik and Info/. The Conference was observed by the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency /BTA/, and also by the biggest information agencies in the world – Reuters, AP, France Press, BBC World Service, Deutsche Welle, etc. The Roundtable was covered by two internet editions. The event was broadly presented in the internet site of the Bulgarian Government www.government.bg . A correspondent from the Austrian Der Standart was accredited for the event. The best Bulgarian economic and political commentators observed the conference.

In the opening day of the conference March 18th the forum was an event №1 in the internal political life of the country for the central informational emission of the Bulgarian National Television. The Conference was covered in the informational emissions of all important Bulgarian televisions, satellite channels and radios. In its evening informational emissions /from 18.30/ BBC World Service broadcast profound information and interviews with Delia Meth-Cohn and other participants in the conference. Over 40 materials regarding the conference in over 20 papers were published. The leading Bulgarian daily papers Trud and 24 Chasa and the most influential Bulgarian weekly paper Capital, spared a special attention to the Conference.

In conclusion it can be summarized that a few events in the country receive such profound and serious media coverage.

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