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Lucky Strike Racing Fan Club in Bulgaria

Client: British American Tobacco Bulgaria

Campaign: Creating and developing a Lucky Strike Racing Fan Club among key Bulgarian journalists writing on Formula 1.

Timescale: 1999

Further to Weekpresss assignment to handle the media and public relations of Lucky Strikes sponsorship in Formula 1 the agency took part in a key issue which was to establish and develop a Lucky Strike Racing Fan Club among key Bulgarian journalists. The idea of the club was naturally based on the common interest in F1 of journalists, agency and client. Regular meetings and special events were organized by the agency and took place first in the top-profile Cinema FX, and later on in the high-profile Club F1, which is regularly used as the ground for every PR event on F1. The club is one of the most popular theme club in Sofia.

- To create and sustain a lobby among key Bulgarian journalists
- To boost the image of Lucky Strike Racing in Bulgaria
- To use the occasion of promoting Lucky Strike Racing team as a major player in F1
- To prove that Lucky Strike Racing does things differently and on a top scale
- To strengthen the positive image of Lucky Strike among its Bulgarian targets
- To develop quality presence in media

Club membership was developed through issuing membership cards to every new club member, bearing his/her photo and number. Up to now Lucky Strike Racing Fan Club members amount to 29. Major events of the Lucky Strike Racing Fan Club in 1999 were: the foundation meeting on March 5 at Sheraton Hotel Balkan, the regular meetings during Grand Prix races, the X-mas party on Dec. 29. On Jan. 24, 2000 the fan club gathered to watch live the unveiling ceremony for the new season directly from Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center through a newly installed ISDN line. An evening devoted to Lucky Strike Racing was also organized in Club F1 as a part of the clubs program to present every team in F1. A special presentation with video and photo material was prepared. A quiz on Lucky Strike Racing tested fans knowledge of the team. Another interesting event for 2000 was the Retro Cinema Evening devoted to the meeting between Jacques Villeneuve and the American movie star James Garner, who was main actor in the film Grand Prix of John Fankenheimer. The racing season and 5-th place of BAR Honda among the constructors were celebrated with a club party in November. In January 2001 the new car for the season with new driver Olivier Panis were presented at the club. On February 15 the evening of BAR Honda took place in Club F1 as a succession of presentation of some of the teams.

The idea of creating a fan club among journalists proved to be both interesting and effective. Results were achieved both in terms of improved overall media connections, and in terms of increased media coverage as a whole. For example substantial media coverage was monitored around the fan clubs meeting on Dec. 29, 1999, which was undoubtedly due to our out-of-season activity. Thus our media report for Jan. 2000 is larger compared to months from the F1 calendar.

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