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Training of Senior Executives of MLSP

Client: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Campaign: Educational Course on Public Relations and Media Relations for the executives of Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Timescale: 23.09.-25.09.1999 .

Weekpress organized this seminar within the programme for institutional restructuring of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, financed by the World Bank.

Goals: Educational and practical prospects. Ministrys executives were trained to cope with various situations, accenting on their collaboration with broad circles from society and within their direct meetings with the media. The theoretical knowledge were combined with practical skills training.

Activities were directed to getting grassroot knowledge of:
1. Specifics of media and turning of an event into news
2. Journalists rights; communicating with them and strategies to attract their interest; establish formal and informal contacts.
3. Executives' rights.
4. Creating the PR plan
5. Principles, structure and planning of a media event and rules of its implementation
6. Playing real situations

Renown Bulgarian journalists and professors from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski were speakers together with the specialists from Weekpress. The participants in the seminar were provided with kits containing all materials in written and in files.

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