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lfa Romeo 156 for the winner of Miss Bulgaria 2002 Beauty Contest

Client: Auto Italia

Auto Italia - main sponsor of Miss Bulgaria 2002 Beauty Contest

Timescale:April 2002

After Auto Italia accepted the proposal to give as an award to the winner of Miss Bulgaria 2002 Beauty Contest the elegant Italian car, Weekpress Agency was assigned the PR assistance to the event.

To create and implement a PR campaign, which links the beautiful car to the beauty contest winner, including:
Pre-event info to mass media
Raising awareness of the characteristics of car, owned by the most beautiful Bulgarian girl
Airing reports on Bulgarian National Television, Bulgarian fashion channel, Diema +, Vek TV, Darik Radio, Radio FM, Radio Classic, Jazz Radio
Aricles in the most popular Bulgarian dailies and magazines, as well as in the Presentation catalogues of Visage for the contest

Photographs of the car with the happy winner, the charming Teodora Bourgazlieva were published and will continue appearing in number of national publications, as well as in media all over the country.
Auto Italia is resolutely linked to sponsoring the Miss Bulgaria 2002 Beauty Contest with its prize for the winning girl, who will also represent our country in the most prestigious beauty contest in the world Miss World.

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