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All Different – All of Us Together

Client: National Organizing Committee of Link Diversity

Campaign: Full PR support to LINK DIVERSITY Project in Bulgaria (an initiative of Council of Europe based on the Stability Pact, working table one)

The initial phase of the project – organizing of the First Working Roundtable of National Organizing Committee and establishing contacts with all key action groups - was accomplished in September - October 2001. Following the start of Link Diversity in Bulgaria Weekpress Agency organized and carried out the PR of its first Working Roundtable on Oct. 19 at Hilton hotel, Sofia. At the beginning of this year the second phase was carried out - the Children Drawing Contest and the Official Award Ceremony and Concert to honor the winners in the contest was organized.

►To implement a campaign for broad public awareness of Link Diversity and its goals and activities in Bulgaria
►To convey key messages to target groups
►To solve problems of groups in unequal situation
►To strengthen the idea of democratic citizenship for all

There was a substantial interest on the side of the public and institutions towards the activities. Representatives of the government, of all institutions concerned, NGO representatives and the diplomatic missions attended the event. They were all involved in the process of outlining the most important and priority issues. Some of the national dailies and weeklies covered the event. Eurocom Television aired a 30 minute program exclusively on the project.

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