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Excellence in Healthcare Communications

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare won two top awards for alli PR at the annual Communique Awards in London.

The overall European campaign won the Excellence in Healthcare Communications using Media Relations (International) Award with the judges commenting: An impressive, comprehensive and all-embracing campaign that was meticulously planned and well executed. It stood out in demonstrating the true value of proactive media relations, using quality messages.
Weekpress is the Bulgarian player of the European Team.
The UK team won the Excellence in Product Communications Award for the UK alli campaign with the judges commenting: Has anyone NOT seen or heard about alli? With some smart thinking and innovation, this multi-channel PR campaign achieved virtually blanket media coverageWe particularly liked the way it was crafted to avoid the magic pill connotation.
To receive this recognition from the industry is an incredible achievement result of the hard work from many PR Players from all over of Europe. "These awards really are testament to the compelling role PR can play when it is used strategically at the heart of a campaign and I hope will serve as inspiration to marketing teams across our brand portfolio to start to leverage PR more now on other brands!", is the comment of Claire Dixon, Director, Communications, Consumer Healthcare-Europe GlaxoSmithKline.

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