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Plamen Starev bestowed Bratislava with the GOLDEN APPLE

The capital of Slovakia Bratislava, was awarded by the prestigious Golden Apple award. The ceremony took place in the representative premises of the Mirror Hall of the Primates Palace.

Plamen Starev, chairperson of the Golden Apple FIJET Committee bestowed the prize on Ľudmila Farkašovská, Deputy Mayor of Bratislava. In his speech he said: Bratislava is an attractive European capital that attracts more and more tourists from all over the world. But this is not the only reason for awarding it with the Golden Apple prize. The main argument is the care that the city hall takes to preserve the history and the architecture of the city, while it is becoming more and more modern at the same time. Currently, there is some oversaturation from the "classic" tourist centers and reorientation to "new" places. Low-cost flights actively support for discovering new destinations. Bratislava is undoubtedly on the map of the world tourist, while at the same time it is among the "new" destinations list. This gives the city great chances to become a real hit on Europe's tourist map. It sounds a little paradoxical, but the future of the modern city depends on its glorious past: Bratislava was the capital of the Hungarian Kingdom. The coronations of 19 kings and queens took place here in St Martin's Cathedral.
Bratislava won the Golden Apple as a city with unique combination of history, culture and experiences that are so important for the development of tourism in the destination.

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