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Busting 5 modern myths about PR

Steve Barrett
Why there`s usually another side to every PR trend or story. And why the list isn`t everything.
I have no desire to be perceived as a modern-day King Canute, desperately trying to hold back the passage of progress.

Defining The Future Of Public Relations

It`s time to bring PR practices up to speed and get ahead of the curve.
By Jarone Ashkenazi
Sending pitches and press kits began as early as our entrance into the 21st century, and these practices, along with the latest phenomenon of contacting journalists over social media, have come to be a major part of public relations.

7 underrated skills every PR newbie needs

By Jessica Malnik, PR Daily
In an ideal world, nascent PR pros and neophyte journalists should know how to do a variety of things before they walk across the stage and get their diplomas.
Theres no need to be an expert in everything, but it helps to have some familiarity with a variety of tasks and programs. As someone whos been in the workforce for a few years now, I offer seven underrated skills that all aspiring PR pros and journalists should have:

Harold Burson

Harold Burson was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1921, but his parents came from Leeds, West Yorkshire, and Harold maintains that his heritage gave me an international outlook that remained with me through the years. In its heyday B-M was a global PR giant with few equals. A powerhouse of creativity and talent. In many countries it operated in it was either the No.1 or No.2 agency. Its dominance in the 1970s when I joined was supreme.

15 tips for a successful PR career

1. Be a sponge.
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it made the PR pro. Whether you`re just starting out or if you`ve been in the business for years, it`s incumbent upon you to constantly learn in order to stay on top of our industry. Never stop being curious. .

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