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Beth Monaghan: How should I choose a PR firm?

Each time someone asks me this, dozens of answers flutter to the forefront of my mind, but I always choose two fairly tangible criteria: fit and experience.

On the surface, it can be easy for all agencies to sound similar, which makes fit and experience crucial. You need an agency that understands your audience and your market, and the reporters you need to reach. Fit is equally important. Youll be working closely with the PR agency every single day (and many evenings), so youll need to be able to work well with the assigned account team.

However, fit and experience alone will not make your agency successful on your behalf. Here are some important qualities you should expect form an agency that is committed to your success. You need an agency that:


How to deliver bad news to any audience

Raising your prices? Cutting services? Not giving out staff bonuses this year? Putting an employee on probation?
No one wants to deliver this kind of unwelcome newsor receive. But sometimes its a necessary evil of doing business, and youre the unfortunate soul who has to bear the burden. Here are five tips to mitigate the drama. >>>

Global Social Media: a Moving Target

Worldwide social media use has now passed the billion-user milestone, and shows no signs of slowing down. And increasingly, people are networking on the move. In the United States, both Twitter and Facebook have seen mobile use soar in the last year. But the trend is particularly pronounced in emerging markets, predicted to be big growth markets for both networks in the next few years >>>

Top 10 PR Blunders of 2012

There`s been a rich supply of PR meltdowns this year. Some worthy contenders: Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino, getting fired after a motorcycle accident revealed an inappropriate relationship with an athletic department employee (she was riding on the back of his hog when it crashed); Francesco Schettino, captain of the liner Costa Concordia, who hit a reef and reportedly abandoned the ship shortly after it sank; Angus T. Jones, the ``half`` in CBS` Two and a Half Men found God, told people to stop watching the ``filth`` he believes his show to be, but didn`t quit, apparently deciding his hefty paycheck was more important than his moral turpitude. >>>

Get Ready to Fail

You will fail. It`s inevitable, so you might as well begin preparing for it now. The failure may be small, like, say, making a mistake on a client engagement. Or it may be quite grand, like losing a job you valued. How you handle that failure can raise or lower the risks of failing again and shape your legacy as a leader. >>>

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